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Cheshire Opera Enterprises provides librettos, scores, parts, books, scripts and recordings from  British and Irish opera of the Victorian era and twentieth-century musical and spoken theatre.


Prices quoted do not include postage & packing.  For further details, please contact:-

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Twentieth Century Musical and Spoken Theatre



Single copies, available until sold :-

         Contrabandista  (1869)  Sullivan & Burnand                £4.50

         Ivanhoe  (1891)  Sullivan  (Chappell)                           £4.00

         Haddon Hall  (1892)  Sullivan & Grundy                      £4.50

         The Geisha (1896)  Jones & Greenbank/Hall  (Littler)   £4.00

         Merrie England (1902)  German                                £3+4.00

         Country Girl  (1902)  Monckton & Ross  (Dance)        £4.00

         Tom Jones  (1907)  German  –soiled                         £3.00

         The Quaker Girl (1910)   Monckton & Ross/Greenbank   (APR)   £4.50

         The Lilac Domino (1911/38)  Cuvillier & Maltby  (French)            £4.00

         Hong Kong  (1925) Jessop & Maclaurin  (Chappell)                      £4.50

         The Desert Song (1927)  Romberg & Harbach/Hammerstein (French)      £4.00

         The Vagabond King (1927)  Friml & Post/Hooker   £4.00

         Wild Violets (1937) Stolz & Carter  (Chappell)         £4.00

         Waltzes from Vienna  (1938) Strauss & Carter  (Chappell)  £4.50

         Oklahoma (1942)  Rogers & Hammerstein  (Williamson)    £4.00

         Carousel (1945)  Rogers & Hammerstein  (IMP)                £4.00

         Brigadoon (1947) Lerner & Loewe (Chappell)                    £4.00

         The King and I  (1951) Rogers & Hammerstein (Williamson) £4.00

         Teahouse of the August Moon  (1954)  Patrick  (Williamson)     £4.00

         Salad Days (1954) Slade & Reynolds  (French)        £5.00

         Free As Air (1957) Slade & Reynolds  (French)        £5.00

         Flower Drum Song  (1959) Rogers & Hammerstein (Williamson) £4.00

         Die Fledermaus (1959)  Strauss                            £5.00

         Follow that Girl (1960)  Slade & Reynolds (French)  £4.00

         Camelot  (1961)  Lerner & Loewe  (Chappell)            £4.00

         Jorrocks  (1966)  Heneker  (Chappell)                      £4.00

         La Vie Parisienne (1968)  Offenbach & Park           £5.00


Play Scripts

£2.50 to £4 depending on condition.  * - West End programme available @ £1.


Peter Coke (French);  Breath of Spring  –mint                                                 

Noel Coward (French); Relative Values  –mint

                               *Present Laughter

Daphne Du Maurier (French);  Rebecca  –mint

Du Garde Peach & Ian Hay (French); 

                               The Sport of Kings –soiled cover    

                               The White Sheep of the Family  –mint

Douglas Home (French); Aunt Edwina  –mint

                               *Betzi   –mint                       

                               *The Chiltern Hundreds 

                               *The Dame of Sark  –mint

                               A Friend Indeed   –mint

                               The Lord's Lieutenant  –mint           

                               *The Kingfisher  –mint, small format

                               The Manor of Northstead                 

                               The Reluctant Peer  –cover slightly soiled

                               The Reluctant Debutant  –mint        

                               The Secretary Bird  –mint

Kenneth Horne (ETG); And this was Odd –cued for lighting

Helen Jerome  (French);  Pride & Prejudice  –mint

Joseph Kesselring (ETG): Arsenic and Old Lace

Anthony Kimmins  (French);  The Amorous Prawn

Esther McCracken (French);  Quiet Weekend

Margaret Macnamara (French);  I Have Five Daughters

Ronald Millar (French);  The More the Merrier

Eden & Adelaine Phillpotts (French);  Devonshire Cream  –faded cover

                               The Farmer's Wife                             

                               Yellow Sands  –mint

Arthur Pinero (French);  Trelawny of the 'Wells'  –mint

J B Priestley (French);  *When We are Married  –mint

Terence Rattigan (French);  French Without Tears      The Winslow Boy  –mint

George Ross & Campbell Singer (French); Difference of Opinion  –mint

Talbot Rothwell  (ETG); Queen Elizabeth Slept Here

Dodie Smith (French);  Dear Octopus  – includes photographs from the West End production

                               Call It a Day

                                I Capture the Castle

Tom Stoppard (French);  Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead  –mint

Lesley Storm (French);  *Roar Like a Dove  –mint

Basil Thomas (Evans);  Book of the Month

Hugh & Margaret Williams (Evans);  *The Grass is Greener   – cover slightly soiled

                               Double Yolk  mint

                               The Happy Man   – mint

                               His, Hers and Theirs   – mint      

                               The Irregular Verb to Love 

                               Let's All Go Down the Strand          

                               Past Imperfect

                               Plaintiff in a Pretty Hat  –mint


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